Empowering leaders. transforming teams.

We help leaders navigate complexity, cultivate engaged teams, and build resilient organizations.

At Synerlogic, we’re dedicated to helping leaders and teams navigate organizational complexities. We combine personalized coaching with behavior-focused assessments and transformative workshops to enhance leadership capabilities and team dynamics while advancing business objectives.

Your Dedicated Partner for Growth

We specialize in:
  • Leadership coaching
  • Team strategy and action planning
  • Behavior-focused assessments
  • Constructive conflict facilitation for teams and boards

Elevate Your Leadership and Life Journey

Our work merges decades of professional experience with attentive listening and engaging dialogue to elevate leadership for personal and organizational success.

Lead yourself to lead your team

A holistic approach that amplifies personal and team performance

Clear Communication

Break down barriers to align team goals and commitments

Adaptive Strategies

Tackle challenges with real collaboration

Conflict as Opportunity

Turn disputes into innovation catalysts

Elevated Leadership

Enhance decision-making and team engagement to drive results


  • Better flow of ideas and content
  • Leaders are more satisfied and effective
  • Less negativity and stress; increased productivity
  • Complex problems are solved with greater efficiency
  • Self-reinforcing cycle of growth and leadership development

Synerlogic is a network of independent advisors and organizational leaders committed to redesigning leadership to meet the challenge of our turbulent times and the promise of an extraordinary future.

Meet RANDY EVANS – Certified Executive Coach, Strategy Advisor, Mediator, Host

“With a background in law, strategy, coaching, and mediation, I bring a holistic approach to my work with leaders and teams. But beyond my professional background, it’s my personal growth journey that truly shapes our work here at Synerlogic. Nothing compares to the joy of seeing clients discover their ‘a-ha’ moment – that point of clarity and conviction that moves them forward with a deep sense of purpose and direction.”


Founder and Principal Advisor

What others are saying:

“Compassionate Listener”

Randy is a compassionate listener. He knows who we are and what it is we are trying to do. He understands and respects our passion for our work and he works in a generous way to assist us in our process of servant leadership.”

– Director, Governing Board, International Association

“Dynamics of Rapid Change”

A great take on strategic planning that incorporates the dynamics of rapid change and the need for organization-wide participation and integration.

– CFO of Community Foundation, Strategic Planning Workshop


Randy is innovative, “out of the box” and has the magical gift of bringing a diverse collection of interests to the table. – Shirley Bloomfield, Chief Executive Officer at NTCA

– NTCA-The Rural Broadband Association

“Clarity of Purpose”

Randy understands organizations, people and the power of language and he guided us to clarity of purpose and empowered us to set goals that are achievable.

– Board Member, Strategic Planning Session

“Profoundly Impacted”

The entire group articulated how profoundly we were impacted by Randy’s efforts. Randy is able to facilitate a group in exploring an organization’s identity in a way that all responses are honored, and all participants are heard. He knows when to let the group work through a “sticking point” and when to gently interject helpful insights and guidance.

– CEO, Hosted Workshop for Board and Executive Staff

In today’s complex world, clear communication and effective listening are more than essential – they’re transformative.

Our Offerings

Integrative executive coaching sessions
Team strategy and action planning workshops
Constructive conflict facilitation for executives teams and boards

Simplify the Complicated

1 Schedule a Call

On the call we’ll discuss your greatest leadership challenges and uncover a path to a new future

2 Unravel the Confusion

Work with us to clarify your objectives and implement your strategies to overcome communication roadblocks

3 Create

Watch as your leadership team aligns around core purposes and shared commitments, driving collaboration, creativity, efficiency, and growth.

Listen. Lead. Succeed Together.

Grow in ways you didn’t think possible.