Community Guidelines

Introduction and Purpose

Welcome to the SYNERLOGIC Community!

You’re invited to help build this collaborative space for executives and professional advisors to explore,share, and create what it means to lead in these turbulent and uncertain times.

The workshops, forums, and other offerings within the SYNERLOGIC Community are available to organizational leaders and advisors who are committed to open dialogue, authentic human connection, and constructive conflict conversations.

Our offerings are process-oriented, with an emphasis on effective listening, shared learning, generative dialogue, and non-directive conflict engagement.

Topics cover a broad spectrum of matters relevant to modern organizations, including organizational design, strategy, governance, leadership, team communication, and conflict solutions.
Key areas of focus:

– building human-centered organizations
– developing adaptive strategies
– cultivating resilient teams

Our Approach and Core Commitments

At SYNERLOGIC, we believe the essence of leadership success is authentic human connection. This fuels and is fueled by curiosity, creative conversations, and constructive conflict engagement.

The key is effective listening. Within the SYNERLOGIC Community, we have three core commitments:

● Accept ourselves and each other as we are in the present moment
● Cultivate a growth mindset
● Listen so others FEEL heard

Community Guidelines and Expectations

Consistent with our purpose and core commitments, we don’t have a set of “rules” to be followed.

Rather, we invite each participant to take full ownership of their participation, seeking to further their own personal growth and enhance the experience of others.

The Guiding Questions below are intended to help with this.

Please let us know if you have any questions, thoughts, or feedback.

If you conclude this Community is not for you, that’s okay too. Just let us know and we’ll close your account. We also have a special gift for you as our way of saying “thank you” for checking us out.

Guiding Questions

The guidelines that follow — framed as a series of action-focused guiding questions — are an invitation to engage with our core purpose and commitments.

These guiding questions are aspirational: they point to the kind of Community we seek to build. We acknowledge that some of these may not be easy. All we ask is that you keep these in mind as you engage with the SYNERLOGIC Community.

As you navigate and interact with others within the Community, we invite you to ask yourself the following questions :

  1. Intentionality. More than anything else, what do I hope to get out of my participation in this Community

2. Authenticity and Relationship – Focused Participation. How can I show up as my true and authentic self each time I participate in Community events? What can I do to build better relationships within the Community and help us all develop better relationships within ourteams and organizations?

3. Open Awareness and Mindful Presence. What might I do, before and during my time within the Community, to be fully present, to enhance my experience, to help others, and to open my awareness to the moment-by-moment exchanges?

4. Appreciative Inquiry and Helpful Speech. What unique assets do I have to contribute to the Community? How might I best use my experiences, perspectives, and insights to enhance the growth of all within the Community?

5. Constructive Conflict Engagement. When I encounter ideas, expressions, opinions, or actions that I disagree with, or that make me uncomfortable, or even perhaps that I find offensive, or when others disagree with something I’ve said or done, how might I take ownership of my words and actions and use them to further my personal growth and enhance the experience of others?

Our Response to Behavior Inconsistent with These Guidelines

Although we don’t have a set of “rules,” and while the Guiding Questions are meant to be aspirational, if we observe behavior that is clearly counter to or inconsistent with the spirit of these Community Guidelines, we will reach out to the relevant parties to initiate a dialogue. The Guiding Questions will serve as a framework for these conversations.

If you encounter behavior that you feel is counter to or inconsistent with these Community Guidelines, please let us know right away, or you can use the Guiding Questions as a path for engaging with the other participants in a way that might further your own growth and enhance the experience of others with in the Community.

Below are some specific examples of behavior we might consider to be inconsistent with the spirit of these Community Guidelines:

1. Engaging in confrontational or aggressive dialogue or behavior.

2. Insisting that “my way” of seeing things is the only “right” or “correct” or “acceptable” way. This might include appealing to authority to bolster or “prove” or defend some point that’s being made.

3. Interrupting others or attempting to “shut down” a discussion to make a point that I feel is more important or because I disagree with it or because it makes me uncomfortable.

4. Labeling or “boxing in” other people or making assumptions or universal generalizations that might not be helpful or necessary.

5. Introducing “hot button” issues in a way that might unnecessarily trigger others, or that seems intended to divide or demean others, or that seems unlikely to enhance the experience of others.

6. Marketing or promoting outside goods or services or “offering solutions” to other people’s “problems” or otherwise trying to direct what other participants think or do.