Feeling Heard (or Unheard) at Work: Perception vs. Reality
Effective Listening is the Key to a Thriving Workplace Culture How often do you really feel heard in your workplace? Are you practicing effective listening in your interactions so the other person feels heard? In a two-part series on my recently launched Leadership Bebop Substack newsletter, I explore this theme, tying this into the hit […]
Making Conflict Work in Organizations and Teams
“In great teams conflict becomes productive.” – Peter Senge Greetings! We have some exciting news to share here at Synerlogic. We’re launching a new podcast titled Leadership Bebop, a new Substack newsletter, and a new collaborative forum for shared learning. The focus of these endeavors is helping teams and organizations leverage constructive conversations to fuel […]
How Curiosity Fuels Creative Dialogue and Innovation: 8 Lessons Inspired by the Dewar’s “Stay Curious” Campaign
While visiting La Placita de Santurce in San Juan, Puerto Rico, I came across a large banner above a row of eateries featuring the Dewar’s ad campaign, “Stay Curious.” Prompted by the ad and my own curiosity, I started reading up on the campaign while exploring how this theme relates to organizations and teams. This […]
Is anyone listening anymore?
In our world today, perhaps you feel that no one is really listening. And yet, this skill has never been more important, or more critical for success, in business and in life. In my own journey to become a better listener, I’ve learned that it's not about a particular “technique” or “style” or method. Only one thing really matters: Does the other person FEEL heard?
New Year Solutions: Creating the Future
  Happy New Year! As we begin the new year, I want to acknowledge with deep gratitude the clients, colleagues, and close friends who contributed to my growth this past year, both personally and professionally. You know who you are. Thank you for being part of my personal journey and the Synerlogic story! I look […]