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Global change requires future-ready leaders.

Equipping Leaders to Thrive in Turbulent Times

We live in a time when every aspect of the human experience is changing rapidly. This profoundly impacts how we communicate and relate to each other, creating cascading complexities for organizations and teams.

Synerlogic – the Executive Coaching firm founded by Randy Evans – is dedicated to helping and supporting executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals as they navigate complexity and seek to blend their personal aspirations with their professional journey. Our approach is rooted in dialogue and authentic connection.

Small group engaging in constructive conflict conversations

Integrative Executive Coaching

  • Fresh Approach to Leadership. We help leaders understand their present moment and create a vision for a better future.
  • Backed By Experience. Drawing on extensive professional experience and deep research into evidence-based leadership models, we help leaders cultivate adaptive, resilient, and effective strategies, teams, and organizations.
  • Customized Whole-Person Approach. We help clients advance both professional objectives and personal well-being and relationships. Our services are tailored to each client.

Team Strategy and Action Planning Workshops

  • Unlock New Possibilities. We design and host customized workshops to help teams navigate challenges and unlock new possibilities, building on our extensive experience with diverse organizations spanning multiple sectors and geographies and deep training in collaborative facilitation.
  • Communication, Relationships, Results. These workshops serve three purposes: developing better communication, building stronger relationships, and driving results. Each workshop is tailored to the client’s intended outcomes to ensure relevance, efficiency, and both immediate and long-term impact.

Constructive Conflict Facilitation for Executive Teams and Boards

  • Conflict Transformation. We leverage professional experience, specialized training, and extensive research to help groups transform conflict situations into opportunities for growth, creativity, and enhanced collaboration.
  • Clear, Focused, Efficient Approach. Although informed by formal dispute resolution processes, these workshops are informal, highly-interactive sessions that facilitate constructive conversations and empower participants to recognize, understand, and effectively communicate divergent perspectives. This equips teams to strategically advance shared commitments and agreed-upon objectives.

“Major Impact”

“This work was so well done and had a major impact on the Board of Directors’ understanding, work, and vision for our Association.”

CEO of National Association

(Review of hosted workshop for board and executive team)

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