Initial Leadership Assessment – Client Agreement


We’re very pleased you’ve signed up for an Initial Leadership Assessment.

At Synerlogic, we help family enterprise leaders navigate complexity, build resilient teams, and transform conflict into business opportunity.

We view our work with executives and leadership teams as an ongoing dialogue to improve team communication and performance, accelerate progress on key initiatives, address challenges, and transform conflict situations into growth and business success opportunities.

The following paragraphs and appendices (Scope of Engagement, Additional Assessments, and Standard Terms and Conditions) define the scope of our engagement and the nature of our business relationship.

  1. Your Initial Leadership Assessment includes a 50-minute video conference session to review your PXT Select assessment, discuss your current challenges, and explore one specific commitment you might be willing to make in light of our discussion. Additional details are included in Appendix A (Scope of Engagement).
  2. Your investment for the Initial Leadership Assessment is $985. This fee is non-refundable.
  3. Everything you share during our Initial Leadership Assessment will be treated as strictly confidential. Nothing discussed will be shared outside of our relationship.See Appendix C, Paragraph 1, for additional details.

This engagement is also subject to Synerlogic’s general Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

We look forward to working with you!



Our client for this Initial Leadership Assessment is the individual identified when scheduling your assessment.


Coach’s Name:                 Randy Evans
Company Name:               Synerlogic, LLC
EIN:                                  82-3374604
Mailing Address:              2929 N Power Rd Ste 101, Mesa, AZ 85215
Business Telephone:         602-283-3900
Business Fax:                    480-498-7041


You requested Synerlogic’s Initial Leadership Assessment, priced at $985, payable in advance. This includes the following:

    • A 50-minute video conference session to review your PXT Select assessment, focusing on key insights, takeaways, and one specific commitment you choose to make in light of our discussion. The PXT Select assessment provides quick insights into your thinking style, behaviors, and workplace-related interests. It also provides insights on how you might adapt to communicate more effectively with your team.
    • Our Initial Leadership Assessment will also include a preliminary discussion of your most pressing challenges and any commitments you would like to make to elevate your leadership and drive successful outcomes.
    • We respect your time and typically will keep our initial leadership assessment to the agreed-upon 50-minute timeframe. Notwithstanding, we may extend our conversation if you desire additional time. In no event will our session exceed 75 minutes in length.


Should you be interested in ongoing support for your leadership success, we will schedule a separate time to discuss our services and pricing options.

Should you sign up for one of our packages, we will begin with Synerlogic’s 360 Dialogue™ assessment, focusing on 10 core mindset, relationship, and communication behaviors for successful leadership. We will then administer a 360 Verbal assessment, consisting of conversations with you and key members of your team or others you may identify.

As appropriate and if requested, we can include other assessments as we move forward. See Appendix C for additional assessments we offer. Our assessments focus on actionable behaviors and skills, enabling you to quickly identify and develop action plans to enhance leadership, improve communication, and drive results within your teams and organization.


We offer the following assessments. If you sign up for one of our ongoing support packages, these may be included as part of your fee or available at additional cost.

These assessments focus on actionable behaviors and skills, benefiting from modern research into human development, the malleability of identity and human behavior, and the brain’s capacity to adapt and change throughout life.

  • PXT Select. This assessment provides quick and important insights into your thinking style and behaviors. It also provides insights on how you might adapt to communicate more effectively with your team. We will send you several reports, including a Coaching Report, an Individual Feedback Report for your position, and a Leadership Report.
  • Synerlogic’s 360 Dialogue™ Individual Self-Assessment. This self-reported assessment examines 10 essential behaviors for strong relationships and effective communication, divided into three categories: Listening to Self, Listening to Others, and Lifelong Improvement. The 360 Dialogue™ assessment is a starting point for constructive conversations regarding your mindset, relationships, and communication.
  • Synerlogic’s 360 Dialogue™ Team Assessment. We developed this assessment over a 9-month period based on extensive research into specific behaviors to build strong relationships and effective communication. The 360 Dialogue™ team assessment is a starting point for constructive conversations regarding mindset, relationships, communication, and team dynamics. The assessment can also include an organization-wide survey to maximize input and feedback from your entire workforce.
  • CheckPoint 360° combines feedback from direct reports, peers, supervisors, and others who work with you to help improve your performance and deliver on strategic goals. Survey results highlight a leader’s performance based on observable behavior in the eight universal management competencies and 18 skill sets. It also helps determine alignment opportunities between the leader and the organizational strategy.
  • Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) measures conflict behaviors to increase self-awareness and improve conflict management skills. The CDP focuses specifically on conflict behaviors rather than styles. It helps individuals and teams understand how they respond to conflict, what triggers escalation, and how to manage it more effectively. Two versions of the instrument—the CDP-Individual (CDP-I) and CDP-360— emphasize an action-oriented approach leading to real improvement. A thorough Development Guide provides information and tips for coping with conflict and building strong interpersonal relationships. In addition to feedback on 15 scales, both versions of the CDP have a unique “hot buttons” section identifying the emotional triggers that negatively impact relationships.
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP) provides feedback on 14 discrete scales: seven characteristics distinguishing entrepreneurs and seven skills critical to entrepreneurial success. The EMP empowers you to create an action plan to leverage your entrepreneurial strengths and target areas for development with a 67-page Development Guide.


1. Confidentiality

Everything you share during our Initial Leadership Assessment will be treated as strictly confidential. Nothing discussed will be shared outside of our relationship.

The only exceptions are situations where you expressly authorize us to disclose information (we will confirm this in writing) or where mandatory reporting may apply; for example, if you indicate that you are, will, or wish to harm yourself or others, or that you are doing anything illegal within your organization.

The only status updates we will provide, if asked by others and as may be required and agreed by the Client, is whether you show up for your session. Any results, progress, or other details to be reported will be the responsibility of the Client to track and report.

We typically do not treat the names of companies and organizations we work with as confidential information. If you prefer that we not identify the name of your organization in our list of clients, please let us know so we can discuss this further.

We communicate from time to time with clients using mobile telephones, e-mail, direct messaging, and other forms of electronic communication. We also store client information electronically. While we take reasonable precautions to prevent the inadvertent or unauthorized disclosure of client communications and information, there is always a risk of inadvertent disclosure, as electronic communication and information storage are not completely secure against unauthorized access. Please let us know if you would prefer that we not use one or more electronic communication or data storage methods or platforms, and we will do our best to honor your request.

2. Fees for Other Services You May Request

We will provide written confirmation of any services you request beyond those described in Appendix A.

Except for the fee arrangements set forth in Appendix A, unless some other fee basis is set forth in writing in advance, any services you request will be billed hourly. This may include, for example, time spent on phone calls and email communications (if not covered by an agreed-upon package), travel, research, strategy development, reviewing documents, and written materials in connection with coaching (unless covered by your coaching package) or in training or facilitated meetings, and other such services or deliverables.

My hourly rate for 2023 is $895, billed in 15-minute increments. Our monthly invoices will disclose the hourly rates of other professional advisors and outside contractors.

Our hourly rates include routine costs incurred for computerized research, photocopying, postage, long-distance telephone, faxes, local travel, and delivery services.

Separate charges for additional costs, which may include long-distance travel, out-of-town delivery services, copies of documents obtained from third parties, large copy jobs (over 50 pages), significant additional fees for research or third-party reports that the client may request, outside consulting or administrative services, and facility charges, will be included in our statements as separately itemized charges.

Travel expenses outside of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area will be billed in addition to time spent traveling, which will be billed at the hourly rate above unless other arrangements are made in writing in advance.

3. Monthly Invoicing and Payments

We will submit invoices for any additional services that may be requested at the conclusion of the requested services or on a monthly basis. Invoices will include any agreed-upon advance fees, hourly fee services, and reimbursable charges.

Payment of each invoice is due upon receipt.

Payment may be made online using our secure online payment account (a link will be included with each invoice) or by mailing a check to the following address:

2929 N Power Rd Ste 101
Mesa, AZ 85215

4. Fees and Charges for Outside Consultants and Other Professionals

If asked or authorized to retain the services of other consultants or outside professionals, the fees and expenses for such providers will be included separately in our invoice or forwarded to you for direct payment. Outside professionals will be billed at their standard hourly rates, which will be disclosed to you in writing in advance or included in our invoice. Should it become necessary to incur any additional costs or engage the services of providers outside the firm, we will discuss this with you in advance.

Outside professional services might include data collection or analysis, research, strategic or specialized advice, co-facilitators for training or meetings, organizational consulting, etc.

Typically, we will not engage attorneys or law firms under this consulting arrangement. Notwithstanding, we may work closely with outside legal counsel at your request. Any relationship between the Client and an outside attorney or law firm should be a direct engagement with the outside legal counsel to preserve attorney-client privilege and for other reasons relating to the ethics rules governing attorneys and law firms.

5. Reimbursement of Expenses

The Client will reimburse Synerlogic for reasonable and customary business expenses that the Client may ask us to incur. Most coaching engagements will not involve any reimbursable expenses. Any such expense reimbursement will be made per all applicable guidelines or procedures based on the Client’s standard policies for expense reimbursements.

6. Equipment, Tools, Materials, or Supplies

Unless otherwise agreed to in advance, Synerlogic will supply, at its own expense, all equipment, tools, materials, and/or supplies to accomplish the agreed-upon services.

7. Federal, State, and Local Payroll Taxes

Unless expressly required by law, no federal, state, or local income, payroll, or other tax shall be withheld or paid by Client on Synerlogic’s behalf or Synerlogic’s employees or independent contractors. Synerlogic shall not be treated as an employee with respect to the services performed hereunder for federal or state tax purposes.

8. Synerlogic’s Tax Obligations and Liabilities

Synerlogic understands that it is responsible for paying, according to law, any income taxes or other applicable federal or state taxes that may apply to Synerlogic’s business operations. Synerlogic shall not be liable for any federal or state taxes imposed upon the Client for which the Client may otherwise be liable.

9. Termination

Unless otherwise engaged under a separate written agreement, this engagement ends at the conclusion of our Initial Leadership Assessment meeting.

Before committing to this engagement, it is essential for both Synerlogic and the Client to feel confident in the Client’s potential for achieving agreed-upon objectives. While the outcomes of each engagement ultimately rest in the Client’s hands, we are committed to each client’s personal and professional growth and take great pride in helping clients achieve their stated objectives. As we jointly prioritize our commitment to each endeavor, we do not provide specific guarantees or refunds.

10. Non-Waiver

The failure of either party to exercise any of its rights under this agreement for a breach thereof shall not be deemed to be a waiver of such rights or a waiver of any subsequent breach.

11. No Authority to Bind Client

Synerlogic has no authority to enter into contracts or agreements on Client’s behalf or to speak for or perform any services or actions on Client’s behalf. This agreement does not create a partnership between the parties.

12. No Legal Services to be Provided; Rules of Professional Conduct Relating to Attorney-Client Relationships Do Not Apply

Synerlogic’s CEO/Principal, Randy Evans, is licensed to practice law in Arizona (and inactive in New Mexico). He formerly provided legal services separately through his law firm, Evans Law, PLC (and other law firms before that). The Client acknowledges and affirms that Randy is providing coaching services only and is not acting as an attorney or providing legal services under this engagement.

The Client further acknowledges the following:

  1. This engagement does not create an attorney-client relationship with Randy Evans or Evans Law, PLC.
  2. The Client is not engaging Randy Evans or Synerlogic to provide legal advice or representation and does not expect any legal services to be provided.
  3. The Rules of Professional Conduct that relate to attorney-client relationships, including those relating to Confidentiality of Information, do not apply to this Agreement or Randy’s coaching services.
  4. The attorney-client privilege does not protect the Client’s communications with Randy Evans or others at Synerlogic.

13. Choice of Law

Any dispute under this agreement or relating to the Work shall be decided in accordance with the laws of the State of Arizona.

14. Entire Agreement

This is the entire agreement of the parties.

15. Severability

If any part of this agreement is held unenforceable, the rest will remain in full force and effect.

16. Amendments

This agreement may be supplemented, amended, or revised only in writing by agreement of the parties.